Kurt Adler Pink Paris Ball Ornament
Paris chic decor is really popular nowadays, representing fashion, modernity and general style. That's why a good Christmas decorating idea for a modern home, especially one with a lot of stark and minimalist decor is a gorgeous Paris themed Christmas tree. This post is going to look at some of my favorite ornaments themed around famous Parisian landmarks. 

Glass Paris Christmas Tree Ornament
Check out the adorable funky Eiffel tower ornament on the right for example, it's it beautiful? If you like this one you might consider giving your tree a very bold and colorful color scheme, with lots of ornaments like this one, bold tinsel, and maybe a couple of the very cute pink glitter Paris baubles like the one above.

If you really want to go all out with the glitter, combine these ornaments with this gorgeous and well priced glitter Eiffel Tower ornaments that I think would go great on any French style Christmas tree. For a more realistic Eiffel Tower ornament, check out this one.

If you are a true fan of all thing French, don't just go overboard on the Eiffel Tower; remember to give the other famous Parisian monuments some love! Check out this cute Arch of Triumph (or Arc De Triomphe as the French call it) ornament, and give it a place on your tree! 

If you like this style of ornament, you can get similar versions of other famous monuments and landmarks, including the Sacre Coeur Cathedral, Notre Dame, the Louvre, and an overview of Paris City. You can have the whole city hanging out on your tree! It is sure to look absolutely amazing.  

Rikki KnightTM love Paris Eiffel tower Design Tree Ornament
Finally, if you are more a fan of the girly and feminine Parisian chic, check out this cute pink 'Love Paris' ornament. Its part of the Rikki Knight Paris collection which contains a few ornaments that would look adorable on a young girls tree, so be sure to take a look at them all and pick your favorites.


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