Here's a cute and funky but also classic look for a Christmas tree: the jolly snowman. Now when I say snowman themed Christmas tree, I don't mean a boring old tree covered in themed ornaments. Instead, we're going to make a snowman out of a tree, like the one above! 
'Twas the Night Glittered Snowman
Head Red Hat Christmas Tree Topper

First up, you'll need an artificial white tree: here's a popular and reliable one. Once you have that, you need the snowman's head to go on the top as a tree topper. You've got two options here: you can either buy yours pre-made, and if you want to do that check out the cute head on the right, or you can make one from scratch. If you make one, be sure to check out this great blog post on how to make an amazing snowman head.  So that the topper blends in with the tree, next you want a cute red scarf to wrap around it's 'neck'. Here's a great one to check out.

Second, you'll need a set of black baubles to act as the snowman's 'buttons', which you will hang in a vertical line down the front of the tree as shown in the picture above.

Next up, either buy or make some branches to act as the snowman's arms. You can either add silver paint to branches you find outside if you live in an area with lots of nice trees, or you can pick up some pre-painted branches online and cut them to whatever size you like.

And there you have it, the basics for a snowman themed tree. If you want to go further, you can add lights, maybe a bit of silver tinsel or some cute snowflake ornaments, but remember not to go overboard. The beauty of this tree theme lies in its simplicity - if you overload it with too much stuff, it may look tacky and overdone. Otherwise, have fun with your very own snowman tree, and Merry Christmas!


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