Lenox 2015 Fa La La Fairy China Ornament
This is a follow up to my post on decorating your home for a Disney Princess Christmas, where we'll look at some of my favorite decorations featuring Peter Pan's Tinkerbell in all her Disney fairy glory. Fairies are a cute enough Christmas theme on their own, but when you combine that with the magic of Disney, you are sure to have something special. Plus, kids are sure to love it. Alright, lets start with decorating your tree!
To add a bit of magic to your Christmas tree, you'll need some cute Tinkerbell ornaments and baubles to hang from the branches. I love the little white ornament above, it is so cute and colorful, and the bright green bauble on the right is an easy way to add a lot of life and sparkle to an otherwise dull Christmas tree. I love the outfit Tinkerbell is wearing too, it's so adorable! 

Below is another set of ornaments that I love to bits, featuring Tinkerbell in various poses and even sitting in a pretty little Christmas wreath. These three ornament and bauble sets go really well together color scheme-wise, so why not collect them all and deck out your tree into a Disney Fairy extravaganza? 

Jim Shore Disney Traditions - Tinkerbell 3 Piece Limited Edition Ornament Set
Disney Fairies Tinker Bell
Christmas Felt Door Hanger
Once your tree is looking lovely, you'll need some decorations for the rest of your home. Of course, ornaments are just for trees and would look lovely hanging anywhere in the house, but lets look at some other Disney Fairy decorating ideas. 

Here's a really cute idea that kids are sure to love - a pretty green Tinkerbell door hanger with a soft and beautiful ribbon accent. This can go anywhere from the front door to your daughter's bedroom door handle. Its so cute!

Disney Tinkerbell & Fairy Friends
18" Felt Christmas Stocking
w/ Satin Cuff
Finally, every child (and grown-ups too!) needs a stocking to hang above the fireplace so that Santa knows where to put all the cute fairy treats and mini-gifts he's leaving for you to discover on Christmas morning. So why not pick up a sweet and soft Tinkerbell stocking? Here's a really cute and roomy one in a bold shade of purple that you are sure to love, with an elegant satin cuff to hang it up by.

So those are my favorite Disney Fairy Tinkerbell decorating ideas. If you liked this post, be sure to check out the rest of this site for most adorable themed Christmas decorating ideas to give your home that special something this holiday season. 


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