Kurt Adler Gingerbread House
Sometimes traditional is best, and that's why this post will focus on the classic gingerbread style of Christmas decorations. Whether you want to celebrate the good old days, remember your childhood or just want to share that biscuit goodness with the world, why not decorate your home with a wonderful gingerbread theme this holiday season?

De Carlini Candycane Italian
Glass Christmas Ornament
First up, you'll want to decorate your Christmas tree. Gingerbread tree ornaments are one of the most common Christmas tree decorations on the market, so there's a tonne of them to choose from, from classic gingerbread men to hanging gingerbread housesHere's one shaped like a dog that I love, too - and it can be personalised. Pick your favorites and go wild! 

Of course, if you want some ornaments with a really personal look and feel, and that smell exactly like gingerbread...why not make your own, out of gingerbread? Check out this amazing video tutorial on how to make your very own gingerbread men ornaments. They don't go off either - I made some when I was six years old and my parents still hang it on their tree more than 15 years later. Not to mention how unbelievably cute they are!

Kurt Adler 10-Light Gingerbread Light Set
Check out these gingerbread man themed string lights too - a great alternative to boring regular lights if you really want to go all out. They don't just look good on your tree either, you can hang them up any where in the house; on door frames, windowsills, stair banisters, where ever you like. Visitors are sure to notice and love these little cuties!

Bucilla Felt Applique Christmas
Stocking Kit: Gingerbread House
Now that you have your tree set up, Santa needs to know where to leave your gingerbread themed goodies come Christmas eve. As well as milk and cookies, why not also leave a cute gingerbread stocking hanging above the fireplace for Father Christmas to admire? The one on the left is particularly special as you make and personalize it yourself. 

So those are my favorite gingerbread themed decorations, but there's a tonne more available online and in the stores, so be sure to shop around until you find the ones that you fall in love with. Have a special gingerbread Christmas, and Happy Holidays!


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