Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament Set -- 7-Pc. Set
Here's a really fun idea for a themed Christmas style for your home - Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is especially fun as you can re-use a lot of these ideas for decorating your home for Halloween - it's not cheating, honest! Kids and adults alike love this iconic movie and there's tonnes of decorations you can choose to transform your home into a spooky winter wonderland that all the family will adore.

Disney's Jack Skellington Ball Ornament

Nightmare Before Christmas Baubles

First up, every Halloween Town home will need a themed Christmas tree to provide the centerpiece for the look. There's lots of amazing character baubles you can use to decorate your tree, from the sweet seven pieced set above to the cartoony faces of Jack Skellington on the right. these Baubles are all quite dark in their color scheme, so contrast with a lighter colored tree and tinsel - maybe even a brightly colored artificial tree in deep red or another Gothic color. A black tree can also work very well if you use decorations with the bolder, brighter colors. That way your decorations will stand out a mile away!

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Hinged Sally Ornament

Next up, you'll want to add some adorable ornaments to match your beautiful baubles. My favorite ornaments are a set including the gorgeous Sally ornament on the left, also containing an amazing Jack Skellington ornament. They have hinges in the limbs which mean they move like like little puppets, which I think is really cute. If you are looking for all the characters in ornament form, here are The Mayor and Oogie Boogie too! There's also a cute seven piece set featuring Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, Shock, Lock, Barrell, and Oogie Boogie available here, if you are looking for some fun variety.

For something a little more unique and original, here are some very pretty and cool black and white striped Jack Skellington hanging bows you can add to the mix.

Other Fun Things

Another adorable and unique home decoration idea is a spooky Christmas wreath, and you can get a great set featuring the heads of Sally and the Pumpkin King right here. Finally, for a kooky Christmas dinner, why not pick up some fun nightmarish party hats here, and then make some cute Jack Skellington cake pops for desert? Check out this video tutorial, and have a merry, spooky Christmas!


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