Disney Frozen Christmas Heirloom Ornament
Do you wanna build a snowman? How about a Christmas tree? If you are a huge fan of Disney's Frozen like I am, you'll be happy to know there there are loads of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa themed Christmas decorations out there that you can use to transform your home into a snow queen's palace.

Christmas Ball Ornaments Set Boxed Glitter / Sequin 24 Count
First of all, you will need your Christmas tree. As well as natural colored ones, a white or light blue tree can look wonders with the Frozen theme. It matches the color scheme of the movie’s winter theme and will make the Frozen themed ornaments stand out a lot more. It’ll real
ly make the tree pop!

12' Blue Christmas Tinsel Garland with
Silver Holographic Snowflakes
Once you have the tree, you’ll need some starting decorations to form the base that the Frozen themed ornaments will decorate. First of all you’ll need some tinsel, and there are some unique options that I recommend over the standard boring block color tinsel. For example, here is a blue tinsel set with sparkly snowflakes attached which would look wonderful on a white tree, while if you’ve gone for a blue tree, this icicle themed white tinsel would look lovely.

You'll also need some basic baubles: sparkly ones look best with this theme, either blue ones like those above for a white tree or sparkly white ones for a blue tree. These white and blue lights would also look very cute.

Disney's Frozen Holiday Ornament Set- (6) PVC Figure Ornaments Included
Set of 20 Glitter Snowflake Christmas
Ornaments Frozen Iridescent White
Once that is done, it is time to add the ornaments! There are a number of general 'wintery' ornaments you can use to pack your tree with icy goodness - snowflakes, frosted ornaments and the like. 

Of course, every Frozen themed Christmas tree must make use of the abundance of Frozen tree ornaments available out there. There are numerous sets of character ornaments, featuring Elsa, Anna, Sven, Kristoff, Olaf and Hans in various art styles and bold colors. You can also get flat ornaments featuring gorgeous artwork from the movie and the concept art, such as this star shaped Elsa ornament.

Disney World 2014 Frozen Princess
Elsa Anna Shoe Christmas Ornaments
To the left I've featured another cute option - a set of slipper shoe ornaments based on the fashion styles of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. They are very unique looking and complement the other decorations on this page quite nicely. 

So there you go! Those are all the essentials you will need to decorate a Frozen themed Christmas tree. If you liked this post and would like to see more, then be sure to check out the rest of this blog where you will find plenty of festive ideas for decorating your home. Happy holidays!
Music Design Glass Ball With Glitter and Pearl Finish Ornament
Classical music is the joy of many people's lives, and it is always fun to inject some of it into the holiday spirit. There are a lot of music and instrument themed Christmas tree decorations out there for anyone looking to set up a tuneful tree, and this post is going to be looking at some of my personal favorites. My top five, in fact. Read on, and enjoy. 

Music Harp Miniature
Musical Instrument
First of all, lets celebrate the instruments that make up the music. Up above is a sweet set of glass ball bauble decorations  with a beautiful illustration of a different instrument on a musical score backdrop. Meanwhile on the right, there is a whole collection of ornaments shaped like little versions of each instrument you'd find in an orchestra, and they are just lovely. My personal favorite is the harp, mainly because the harp is my favorite instrument, but there are loads of these cute musical instrument replicas to choose from, including a trumpet, a tuba, a trombone, a saxophone, a french horn, a flute, a grand piano, and a clarinet. Shop about and you are sure to find a handful of these gorgeous ornaments that are just perfect for your tree and tastes. 

Shiny Silver Treble Clef
Music Note Jingle Bell
Christmas Ornament
Next up there's the musical notes. There's something inherently artistic about their shapes with the dashes and the loops. I think that beauty is really well captured in some cute musical note themed Christmas tree ornaments. I recommend getting lots of these sweet silver musical notes to decorate your tree with, because they really look wonderful. You could even spell out your own song with them!

As well as the treble clef on the left, you can also pick up an eight and a sixteenth. You can get matching golden ones here too if you like, to inject a bit of variety. 

So there you have it, my top favorite musical Christmas tree decorations. I hope you liked them as much as I do. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog to find even more original themed Christmas decorations for your home and tree. Have fun decorating and most of all, have a merry Christmas!
Pewter Dragon Gothic Fantasy Christmas Ornament and Holiday Decoration
Looking to create a beautiful Gothic Christmas tree to be the centerpiece of your holiday celebrations? Well look no further, because this post is going to be looking at some of my favorite Gothic tree decorations. First things first, you'll nee a tree. A good choice for a Gothic Christmas tree is an artificial black or white tree with contrasting color tinsel - black for a white tree and white or silver for a black tree. 

Love Eternal Christmas Ornament
Next up you'll want lots of kooky and gorgeous Gothic ornaments to hang up, and there are a lot to choose from. I particularly like the pewter dragon featured above, it looks incredibly beautiful and are very unique looking. There's also a few antique dragon ornaments combined with traditional holiday symbols like this dragon wrapped around a candy cane and this dragon Christmas bell ornament which you can combine with the regular dragons for a great look. 

In addition to this there are some great, more simplistic flat Christmas tree ornaments with Gothic phrases and designs that would look cute on any tree. The heart shaped one on the right is one of my favorites, but I also like this stripey skull tree ornament. Zazzle has a lot of this type of tree decorations, so shop around for the ones you like best and you are sure to find some awesome pieces. 
You can't have a tree without baubles, and up above I've found one of my favorite choices for a Gothic bauble. I love how elaborate the pattern and the design is, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Plain black baubles, be they shiny or frosted, are also a simple and easy choice to fill up the tree's branches.

Hoarfrost Purple Dragon Ornament
Finally, dragons are awesome, in my humble opinion anyway. I'll probably do a whole post devoted to dragon decorations at some point, but for now I just want to draw every goth girl's attention to some of the incredibly pretty Gothic dragonornaments out there looking for a good home.

Zanzibar, The Gothic
Dragon Ornament
For example there is the beautiful one on the left (which is part of a larger set of dragon ornaments in different colors), and also the one on the right, which features and shinier, more archaic style. I love them to bits, and I think everyone should have at least one set on their tree! 

So that's it for my guide to my favorite Gothic Christmas tree decorations and putting together a memorable goth Christmas tree. I hope you have a lot of fun decorating your tree, and a very merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate!) in general. If you liked this post, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more sweet Christmas decorating themes and ideas to keep you busy for years to come. Happy Holidays!

Set of 4 Wooden Guitar Ornaments
Bass Electric Accoustic Fender style
Looking for some awesome rock 'n' roll Christmas tree decorations to rock your world this holiday season? Well I am too, and I've put this post together to share some of my favorite finds with your all, starting with the sweet wooden guitar ornaments up above. They're colorful, they're cool, and pretty much awesome to boot. 

Pack of 12 Kiss Simmons & Stanley
Demon & Star Child Boot
Christmas Ornaments
Second up, I love these kick-ass Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Kiss band boots ornaments on the right. Whether you are a fan of the boots or not you are sure to recognize these in an instant, which makes them pretty unique and a must have for any rock lover's tree. There's actually a few Kiss ornaments available to keep this one company, including this Gene Simmons figure ornament, band logo string lights, a band logo ornament and this cool ornament that has a removable and usable guitar pick inside of it. 

Oh, and you can also get a Star Child nutcracker. Pretty weird, but also pretty awesome. I know, it's not a tree ornament, but in lieu of a Kiss Christmas decorations post, I had to share.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine
Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornament
Kurt Adler Beatles Green Apple
Glass Christmas Ornament

If you are more of a 60s than a 70s person, you just have to check out the sweet Beatles baubles above, based on the famous Yellow Submarine cover. There's a matching set of ornaments that goes well with the Yellow Submarine bauble, which is pretty cool.

1950"s Phonograph RecordPlayer Glass Ornament
Loving the retro rock and roll look? Check out the the colorful record ornament on the left, which I think is pretty cute. It has a very teenage feel to them, very nostalgic. 

So there you have it, my favorite Rock 'n' Roll Christmas tree decorations from around the web. Hope you liked them as much as I do and have a lot of fun decorating your tree this holiday season. Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more themed tree decorating ideas.
Kurt Adler Pink Paris Ball Ornament
Paris chic decor is really popular nowadays, representing fashion, modernity and general style. That's why a good Christmas decorating idea for a modern home, especially one with a lot of stark and minimalist decor is a gorgeous Paris themed Christmas tree. This post is going to look at some of my favorite ornaments themed around famous Parisian landmarks. 

Glass Paris Christmas Tree Ornament
Check out the adorable funky Eiffel tower ornament on the right for example, it's it beautiful? If you like this one you might consider giving your tree a very bold and colorful color scheme, with lots of ornaments like this one, bold tinsel, and maybe a couple of the very cute pink glitter Paris baubles like the one above.

If you really want to go all out with the glitter, combine these ornaments with this gorgeous and well priced glitter Eiffel Tower ornaments that I think would go great on any French style Christmas tree. For a more realistic Eiffel Tower ornament, check out this one.

If you are a true fan of all thing French, don't just go overboard on the Eiffel Tower; remember to give the other famous Parisian monuments some love! Check out this cute Arch of Triumph (or Arc De Triomphe as the French call it) ornament, and give it a place on your tree! 

If you like this style of ornament, you can get similar versions of other famous monuments and landmarks, including the Sacre Coeur Cathedral, Notre Dame, the Louvre, and an overview of Paris City. You can have the whole city hanging out on your tree! It is sure to look absolutely amazing.  

Rikki KnightTM love Paris Eiffel tower Design Tree Ornament
Finally, if you are more a fan of the girly and feminine Parisian chic, check out this cute pink 'Love Paris' ornament. Its part of the Rikki Knight Paris collection which contains a few ornaments that would look adorable on a young girls tree, so be sure to take a look at them all and pick your favorites.
Horse of a Different Color Poinsettia Arabian Horse Ornament
This post is for my cousin Lea, who just loooves horses. For all you equestrian fans out there, I'm here to let you know that there are a tonne of horse themed Christmas tree ornaments that you can deck your tree out in this holiday season. Some of them are truly beautiful and unique too, so I've decided to put together my top five favorite galloping tree ornaments, starting with the gorgeous white poinsettia decorated horse above. This one is part of a collectable series and the others are incredible pretty too.
Westland Giftware Woodland Santa
Clydesdale 2-1/2-Inch Resin Holiday Ornament

Next up is this gorgeous dark blue and winter decorated horse featuring Santa and his sack of woodland animals on the body. This beautiful ornament looks truly refined and is incredibly detailed; check out the amazing tiny white trees growing out of its grass like hooves and tail. Any horse lover would be proud to have this elegant stallion hanging from their tree.

24k Gold Carousel Horse Ornament
Green Swarovski Crystal
This horse is also part of a collection filled with interesting ornament designs, such as this bell themed horse. They are all hand-painted too, so every single ornament is beautifully crafted and completely unique. Its a great gift for friends as well as an amazing treat for yourself.

If you like ornaments with a bit more shine and a luxurious feel, check out this beautiful 24k gold plated carousel horse with real green Swarovski crystal details. This would look fantastic on any tree - just imagine how the crystals will glitter from the string lights! 

Next up, I've seen a few saddle themed Christmas ornaments, but this one coming up is my favorite. I have a bit of a soft spot for glitter, you see. If you have a little girl in your life who loves horses, this would make a cute pre-Christmas treat!

Cowboy Horse Saddle Ornament

Rocking Horse Pewter Ornament
I've also always been a big fan of pewter Christmas ornaments; pewter is study, long lasting, and allows for some very intricate and beautiful designs. This gorgeous pewter rocking horse here is no different. 

Those are my top five favorite horse themed Christmas tree ornaments, and I hope you liked them as much as I do! Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for many, many more fun themed Christmas decorating ideas to last you many winters to come. Happy Holidays!
Kurt Adler Gingerbread House
Sometimes traditional is best, and that's why this post will focus on the classic gingerbread style of Christmas decorations. Whether you want to celebrate the good old days, remember your childhood or just want to share that biscuit goodness with the world, why not decorate your home with a wonderful gingerbread theme this holiday season?

De Carlini Candycane Italian
Glass Christmas Ornament
First up, you'll want to decorate your Christmas tree. Gingerbread tree ornaments are one of the most common Christmas tree decorations on the market, so there's a tonne of them to choose from, from classic gingerbread men to hanging gingerbread housesHere's one shaped like a dog that I love, too - and it can be personalised. Pick your favorites and go wild! 

Of course, if you want some ornaments with a really personal look and feel, and that smell exactly like gingerbread...why not make your own, out of gingerbread? Check out this amazing video tutorial on how to make your very own gingerbread men ornaments. They don't go off either - I made some when I was six years old and my parents still hang it on their tree more than 15 years later. Not to mention how unbelievably cute they are!

Kurt Adler 10-Light Gingerbread Light Set
Check out these gingerbread man themed string lights too - a great alternative to boring regular lights if you really want to go all out. They don't just look good on your tree either, you can hang them up any where in the house; on door frames, windowsills, stair banisters, where ever you like. Visitors are sure to notice and love these little cuties!

Bucilla Felt Applique Christmas
Stocking Kit: Gingerbread House
Now that you have your tree set up, Santa needs to know where to leave your gingerbread themed goodies come Christmas eve. As well as milk and cookies, why not also leave a cute gingerbread stocking hanging above the fireplace for Father Christmas to admire? The one on the left is particularly special as you make and personalize it yourself. 

So those are my favorite gingerbread themed decorations, but there's a tonne more available online and in the stores, so be sure to shop around until you find the ones that you fall in love with. Have a special gingerbread Christmas, and Happy Holidays!