Music Design Glass Ball With Glitter and Pearl Finish Ornament
Classical music is the joy of many people's lives, and it is always fun to inject some of it into the holiday spirit. There are a lot of music and instrument themed Christmas tree decorations out there for anyone looking to set up a tuneful tree, and this post is going to be looking at some of my personal favorites. My top five, in fact. Read on, and enjoy. 

Music Harp Miniature
Musical Instrument
First of all, lets celebrate the instruments that make up the music. Up above is a sweet set of glass ball bauble decorations  with a beautiful illustration of a different instrument on a musical score backdrop. Meanwhile on the right, there is a whole collection of ornaments shaped like little versions of each instrument you'd find in an orchestra, and they are just lovely. My personal favorite is the harp, mainly because the harp is my favorite instrument, but there are loads of these cute musical instrument replicas to choose from, including a trumpet, a tuba, a trombone, a saxophone, a french horn, a flute, a grand piano, and a clarinet. Shop about and you are sure to find a handful of these gorgeous ornaments that are just perfect for your tree and tastes. 

Shiny Silver Treble Clef
Music Note Jingle Bell
Christmas Ornament
Next up there's the musical notes. There's something inherently artistic about their shapes with the dashes and the loops. I think that beauty is really well captured in some cute musical note themed Christmas tree ornaments. I recommend getting lots of these sweet silver musical notes to decorate your tree with, because they really look wonderful. You could even spell out your own song with them!

As well as the treble clef on the left, you can also pick up an eight and a sixteenth. You can get matching golden ones here too if you like, to inject a bit of variety. 

So there you have it, my top favorite musical Christmas tree decorations. I hope you liked them as much as I do. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog to find even more original themed Christmas decorations for your home and tree. Have fun decorating and most of all, have a merry Christmas!


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