Set of 4 Wooden Guitar Ornaments
Bass Electric Accoustic Fender style
Looking for some awesome rock 'n' roll Christmas tree decorations to rock your world this holiday season? Well I am too, and I've put this post together to share some of my favorite finds with your all, starting with the sweet wooden guitar ornaments up above. They're colorful, they're cool, and pretty much awesome to boot. 

Pack of 12 Kiss Simmons & Stanley
Demon & Star Child Boot
Christmas Ornaments
Second up, I love these kick-ass Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Kiss band boots ornaments on the right. Whether you are a fan of the boots or not you are sure to recognize these in an instant, which makes them pretty unique and a must have for any rock lover's tree. There's actually a few Kiss ornaments available to keep this one company, including this Gene Simmons figure ornament, band logo string lights, a band logo ornament and this cool ornament that has a removable and usable guitar pick inside of it. 

Oh, and you can also get a Star Child nutcracker. Pretty weird, but also pretty awesome. I know, it's not a tree ornament, but in lieu of a Kiss Christmas decorations post, I had to share.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine
Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornament
Kurt Adler Beatles Green Apple
Glass Christmas Ornament

If you are more of a 60s than a 70s person, you just have to check out the sweet Beatles baubles above, based on the famous Yellow Submarine cover. There's a matching set of ornaments that goes well with the Yellow Submarine bauble, which is pretty cool.

1950"s Phonograph RecordPlayer Glass Ornament
Loving the retro rock and roll look? Check out the the colorful record ornament on the left, which I think is pretty cute. It has a very teenage feel to them, very nostalgic. 

So there you have it, my favorite Rock 'n' Roll Christmas tree decorations from around the web. Hope you liked them as much as I do and have a lot of fun decorating your tree this holiday season. Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more themed tree decorating ideas.


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