The picture above has given me some inspiration for a themed Christmas tree - what if you could decorate your tree to look just like Father Christmas? Wouldn't that be a treat? This post is going to look at how to go about it. First up, you need the tree itself. To avoid having to wrap up a green tree in fabric like the above picture does, you could pick up an artificial red tree to use instead. Alternatively, you could use a tonne of red tinsel.
Santa Claus Head Craftsmen
Christmas Tree Topper

After that, you'll need Santa's head to sit atop his body- I mean the tree. I've included a cute Santa topper on the right that you can use - it even comes with a snowman topper that you can use if you ever want to try out a snowman themed tree - I have a post on making one of those too! An alternative is to have one of these cute Santa hat toppers as the crown of your tree. 

Next up you'll need some white or silver tinsel to wrap around the bottom of the tree as the hem of Santa's suit. A cute and fluffy idea is to use a white feather boa instead, such as this six foot long white boa which is sure to fit around the base of most trees. Finally, finish off the tree with a belt around the middle to keep the suit together! This is a hard one since they don't exactly make tree sized belts, but if you tie or stitch some of your old belts together and have the one with the biggest buckle at the front, that should work great. If you want to be extra cute, why not hang a pair of shoes from the underside of the tree?


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